Who's coming?

 (Note that Madison -> Madison mail is now routed through Milwaukee, so it takes several days to arrive.)

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Steve P, Madison
Jim W, Madison
Bonnie S, Madison
Robert S, Madison
Ian S, Madison
Roger P, Madison
Susan C, Madison
Gillian S, Madison
John S, Madison
Patricia S, Madison
Blaise T, Madison
Sam S, Madison
Theresa M, Madison
Nathan G, Madison
Megan G, Madison
Peter W, Madison
Rachel K, Madison
Mary H, Madison
Hans V, Madison
Judy S, Madison
John H, Madison
Michael D, Madison
Sara N, Madison
Steve P, Madison
Lori P, Madison
Veena B, Madison
Katarina K, Madison
Jay K, Madison
Nicolas K, Madison
Asa K, Madison
Jenny S, Madison
Bryn G, Madison
Ruby G, Madison
Laura F, Madison
Tom K, Madison
Katie M, Madison
Linda K, Madison
Jan M, Madison
Hilary B, Madison
Zed B, Madison
Karen Z, Madison
Robin S, Madison
Anna R, Madison
Noah N, Madison
Abigail L, Middleton
Nathaniel L, Middleton
Clementine L, Middleton
Marilee K, Monona
Steve H, Cottage Grove
Terrie H, Cottage Grove
Chan W, Cottage Grove
Sue O, Cottage Grove
Carol O, McFarland
Karen M, Stoughton
Elizabeth B, Stoughton
Roger D, Stoughton
Susan G, Stoughton
Lee G, Stoughton
Carolyn W, Mt. Horeb
Tamara F, Dodgeville
Marjorie M, Sun Prairie
Boris M, Sun Prairie
Lee M, Waunakee
Pam H, Verona
Nancy N, DeForest
Mike W, Waukesha
Jill W, Waukesha
Pam P, Waukesha
Kat Z, Milwaukee
Mike N, Milwaukee
Kathie R, Milwaukee
Mary G, Greendale
Carol K, Brown Deer 
Jean W, Brown Deer
Mary W, Brown Deer
David W, Brown Deer
Amara VBrown Deer
Judi L, Cudahy
Kristina A, Fond du Lac
Pedro A, Fond du Lac
Bev A, Fond du Lac
Tom H, Fond du Lac
Jesse K, Appleton
Cindi B, Chippewa Falls
Charlie B, Chippewa Falls

Bonnie S, Highland Park
David H, Warrenville
Pauline H, Warrenville
Barry F, Batavia
Roger F, Roanoke
Ann D, Chicago
Kate W, Chicago
Diane S, Chicago
Joel P, Chicago
Sally B, Chicago
Susan S, Peoria
Mark G, Macomb

Pat L, Bettendorf 
Claire L, Bettendorf
Pat M, Bettendorf
Ruth M, Davenport
John M, Davenport
Sherry D, Iowa City
Carol T, Iowa City
Nancy T, Iowa City
Scott K, Ames

Sue M, Burnsville
Dave M, Burnsville
Craig J, St Paul
Kathy O, Minneapolis
Sharee M, Minneapolis
Tom M, Duluth
Brandy F, Duluth
Hollis S, Duluth
Sophia B, Duluth
Tristan E, Duluth
Sophie F, Duluth
Hunter M, Duluth

Sherry M, Dauphin

Steve C, Felton