COVID Precautions

  1. All participants and staff will supply and perform a rapid antigen test upon arrival or within the previous 3 hours (and have a negative result!). Participants will be screened for their rapid antigen test results before their initial entry into the facilities. If you have a long trip to us, please consider also doing a test before your departure, so you don't have to turn around and return in the event of a positive test upon arrival.

  2. N95/KN95 masks (participant provided) are required indoors at all times, except when eating or bathing. Please bring multiple masks so you'll always have a dry, comfortable, effective mask. The performing musicians and caller may be unmasked to facilitate communication.

  3. Up-to-date CDC-recommended COVID vaccinations are required. For most, this will be the the original two-dose Pfizer or Moderna series or the one-dose Johnson & Johnson, and at least one booster no matter the original vaccine. Be prepared to provide evidence - card or photo - upon arrival.

  4. A 20’x40' open-sided tent will be set up to provide an additional dining area and session area.

  5. Only full-time participants permitted. [Participants will have some “outside the bubble" exposure to those who stay offsite.]

  6. Participants and staff cannot come if they have had COVID symptoms unattributable to known conditions within the previous 6 days, nor if they’ve tested positive within the previous 6 days, regardless of current test result.

  7. Bunkhouses will be open.

  8. We will cap registration at 80 participants at FV, plus staff.