Here are past bands and callers at Squirrel Moon (corrections/additions welcome!).

2017: Hillbilly Diaspora (Charlie Walden, Patt Plunkett, Jennifer Jeffries, Kathy Hirsch), caller Beth Molaro
2016: Pat's Propellers (Karen Mueller, Linda Breitag, John Goodin, Pat O'Loughlin), caller Tom Hinds
2015: Lift Ticket, caller Carol Ormand
2014: Notorious, caller Will Mentor
2013: The Coffee Zombies, caller Darlene Underwood
2012: Fiddlefire, caller Kathy Anderson
2011: The Mean Lids, caller Bev Bernbaum
2010: Changeling, Amy & Maria, caller Diane Silver
2009: The Groovemongers, caller Tom Hinds
2008: New Bad Habits, caller Beth Molaro
2007: Lift Ticket, caller Carol Ormand
2006: The Barn Owl Band, caller Ron Buchanan
2005: Hotpoint Stringband, caller Becky Hill
2004: The Combine, caller Kathy Anderson
2003: Rhys' Pieces, Amy McFarland & Maria Terres, Contratopia, caller Tom Hinds
2002: Amy McFarland & Maria Terres, Contratopia, caller Ron Buchanan
2001: Suite for the Feet, Last Gaspé, caller Cis Hinkle
2000: Last Gaspé, Pigs Eye Landing, callers Carol Ormand, Steve Pike
1999: Last Gaspé, caller Will Mentor 
1998: Slippery Lick, Last Gaspé, caller Becky Hill
1991-1997: Last Gaspé and other local musicians, various local callers (I think).