Here's the tentative schedule.

6:00–6:45      Dinner: Pasta dinner
8:00–11:30    Evening Dance

8:30–9:15      Breakfast: Pancakes, oatmeal, etc.
10:00–11:30  Contra with Open Calling & Open Band (look for sign up list)
12:00–12:45  Lunch: Soup and sandwich buffet
1:15–4:00     Dancing and music workshops
4:00–4:30     Couples dancing (waltz, swing, hambo, schottische, polka, tango)
4:45-5:45     Tour of Folklore Village, including perhaps a restored church from 1882, the prairie, an 1849 Norwegian/American log house under reconstruction, and a one-room schoolhouse where we danced for decades 
6:00–6:45     Dinner provided: Asian buffet
8:00–11:30   Evening Dance

9:00–9:30    Brunch: Egg bake; Caller’s Roundtable
9:40-10:20   Shapenote Singing
9:40-10:20   Prairie ramble led by David Eagan
10:30-12:30 Farewell Dance
12:30-done  Cleanup and Farewells