Food, volunteering, directions

Festival Food

Please bring your own between meal snacks and a water bottle. We'll provide food for meals and desserts and evening break snacks. Full Menu is here.

We provide tasty, nutritious meals for Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Sunday brunch including lacto-ovo vegetarian offerings.

Only kitchen staff and volunteers working under staff supervision will be permitted to use the kitchen facilities.

Those with more specific dietary needs are requested to bring their own supplemental foods – very limited storage space is available – and will be able to use the kitchen to prepare foods. Please bring an ice chest if you can, and either way, see Ian when you arrive about best times to use the kitchen.


Thanks in advance for helping out as it's needed. Please sign up for a task upon arrival. Your willingness to volunteer also helps us keep the cost of the weekend low. And it's a great way to make new friends! 

Tasks include: food prep/serve/cleanup, beverage management, registration, bathroom check, and laundry. 

Locals: please stick around on Sunday to help with final cleanup; others have a long trip home.

Directions (NEW for 2019!! EXIT 52) 

Folklore Village (3210 County BB, Dodgeville, WI, ½ mile south of Hwy 18/151) is 35 miles west of Madison and 6 miles east of Dodgeville. From US 18/151: Take Exit 52 (“Ridgevue Road”), head south at the bottom of the ramp, then follow the signs at the roundabout to follow BB.